Our radio station had a basketball team for about twenty-five years or so. We played fundraiser games all over the place. In fact, for about a hundred miles in any direction that you go, if they have a gym, we probably played there.

We went everywhere from Melstone to Judith Gap to Custer to Gardiner. The Gardiner game was played there because we had a translator station there for a number of years. And we went up to play a Bozeman radio station's team as kind of an exhibition before their regular tournament started.

That was one of the worst fights that I was ever in. I was fouled more times without having any of them called. THAT is why that guy I was guarding ended up going into the chairs along the bench. Anyway, take a look at these photos I found:

LOOKING BACK: The Cat County All-Stars

If you're a newer listener, you may not be aware that Cat Country had its own basketball team that traveled around Montana.

We sure had a lot of fun.

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