Here's another tale of "Love Gone Wrong," sent to us from a listener we'll call "Katie."  Katie learned the hard way that dating a fellow employee can be tough, and that your co-workers can be drastically different than what you see in the workplace!

I was 20 years old and had just moved to Seattle. I worked nights at a place where we all wore the same uniforms to work. One guy who I worked with started talking to me, and eventually asked me out to the movies.

I had never seen him wearing anything other than his uniform.  When he came to pick me up, my roommates were laughing so hard they almost got sick. His pants were too short and pulled way too high!  To make matters worse, he drove a Chevy Citation.

He asked if there was a movie I'd like to see, and I told him I’d like to see "Working Girl." First, we went to go get pizza. When he pulled into the pizza place, he ran over the cement parking barrier with the front of the car...."Scraaaaape." He said, "I'm sorry,” and backs off of it…" Scraaaaape."

I was a good sport at dinner. However, every time I said something about myself, he would say something like, "Me too" or "Yeah, I have too," as if we had everything in common. So when I started asking HIM the questions, I found we were quite different from each other than he has let on.

We went to the movie, and he talked through the entire thing. There was a love scene, and he said to me, "Oh my, if I'd have known it was this kind of movie I would not have taken you!" I was laughing inside thinking, “I picked the movie!”

He wanted to go out after the movie, but I asked to go home. I was actually used to working nights, so I wasn't really tired, but I just couldn't take the date anymore! After that date, I had to see him at work everyday. I did not want to hurt his feelings, but he kept asking me out, so I lied and said that I got back together with an old boyfriend.

Way to let him down easy, Katie.  We're sure that made for an awkward time at work!  Check back here tomorrow for another tale of "Love Gone Wrong!"