Billings has some great spots for dates.  Nice restaurants, some great breweries and bars and plenty of natural beauty in the great outdoors.  First dates are a little different though.  Many people don't like to go to any place too fancy for a first date and it might not be safe to go traipsing off into the woods with someone you barely know.

So what are your favorite spots for a first date?  One of the most popular first date activities these days is just grabbing some coffee.  We've got the usual national stuff here, but there are some great local spots too (City Brew and Mazevo come to mind).

Another popular choice is a moderately priced chain restaurant.  Something like Applebee's or Texas Road House (although the latter tends to be a bit noisy for my taste).

Movies have never gone out of style and they're pretty great for avoiding any "awkward silence" since your date will be entertained for almost two hours.  Afterwards, you have something to discuss and reflect upon.

If you're looking for physical activity (but the kind that people who just met can partake in with no judgement), I'd suggest checking out the Reef or Get Air.  Obviously in the warmer months, you've got a variety of parks and semi-public trails to check out, but if you're having a first date between now and spring, one of those places might do the trick.

For the artsy folks, a trip to check out an exhibit at the YAM might be a great start.  You could follow that with one of our many wine tasting hot spots like Yellowstone Cellars and Winery, City Vineyard or Bin 119.  Bitterroot Sip and Paint is another unique first date experience.

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