Going places.

I was scanning around the internet this morning and ran across an article about how Disney is going to change their dining reservation system. This got me thinking about how many of the bigger theme parks I've been fortunate enough to visit.

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A modest start.

Growing up in Great Falls, the only rollercoaster that I had seen was the one that the Mighty Thomas Carnivals brought to the fair every year.

Then, when I was twelve, my folks took us to Six Flags Over Georgia. And that's a trip that I'll always remember because of just how big and fun all of those rides were. I'll also always remember my mom losing her wig on a coaster called the Runaway Mine Train. Good times.

Themed travels.

Then, through the years, I was able to visit Disney Land And Disney World. I also got back to Georgia and went to Six Flags again. The Six Flags Magic Mountain ride was cool because that's where they filmed the Griswald family riding rides at what was called "Wally World" for National Lampoon's Family Vacation.

We took my daughter and her friend to Silverwood in Athol, Idaho, which is just north of Coeur d'Alene. That place has great rides and it's also attached to a water park. So, you can spend a couple of days there.

My favorite theme park was Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. Thanks to a cruise ship breakdown, we ended up in Tampa for a few extra days. So, we went to ride some killer roller coasters. What is neat about that park is that it's also a botanical garden, complete with quite a few animals from Africa that you can see from several of the coasters.

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