Help a friend out.

What's your "go-to" hangover cure? Asking for a friend. Actually, I'm asking for a whole bunch of friends who are going to Mexico with us. And we always have a few who have never been anywhere where the drinks are free. So, they overdo it a little bit.

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Some suggestions.

I've talked to people who drink Pedialyte. Others have told me some kind of greasy food. And then there are those who prefer to get out of bed and start the party all over again with "the hair of the dog that bit you". As in, a loaded bloody Mary's with 25 things on skewers. Items ranging from blocks of cheese, to shrimp, to asparagus. I've just never been a fan.

From experience.

In my twenties, the perfect hangover cure was poverty. My buddies and I could afford one night out to go jitterbugging with the buckle bunnies, but never two nights in a row...

So, in my thirties, I started making more money. Then I could start looking for love at places that featured fine dining. There were a lot of nights that I didn't get any phone numbers, but I always got a good steak.

More ideas.

I've heard that dark soda should be avoided when one is recovering from the fun of the previous day. And I know that about 3 Gatorades gets me right with the world again. And those "days after' are the only days that I drink enough water throughout the day.

And now that I'm older, the nap is my best weapon. After about 90 minutes on my old worn-out couch, followed by a couple of Gatorades, I'm a brand new man.

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