I've entered the stage of life where it's time to downsize, so I've been looking around the house and trying to figure out what I can do without. I happened upon the closet where all of my board games are stored. I played Sorry with my daughter two years ago, but she's 16 with a boyfriend and a job now, so that kind of signaled the end of those types of games being played at my house.

The games that I liked, like Scrabble & cribbage, can be played on my phone now.

Any game that has a need for a new battery just never got played, even though I've got the "Costco 700 pack" of every size batteries in my laundry room.

Back when I first started working here (36 years ago), my friends and I were all broke on our butts. So, we'd chip in for burgers at somebody's house and play board games.

So, it's time for the games to go... someplace. I'm not going to throw them out. They're all in great shape. Somebody could, or would, get some use out of them.

I read somewhere that folks in retirement homes would love to get games donated to them. So, I'll make some calls and see if anybody wants them.

Here's an idea. Have the old gang over for steaks and one last hurrah of our old-school game night. But instead of starting at 6 and going way past midnight sometimes, we'll start at about 2, and everybody needs to be gone by 6.

I think the old gang would love that.

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Gallery Credit: Brad Elliott

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