I'm not a huge protest guy, but I'll be involved in one if I get the chance. The IRS raided a gun store in Great Falls last week. They brought twenty heavily armed agents. Twenty.

And under the current laws, the feds don't HAVE to notify local law enforcement when they are doing a raid in your town. And the scary part to me is that although the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms was involved, it was the Internal Revenue Service that was running the show.

I'm pro gun and anti government control. So, when the feds show up here, whoever gets raided just needs to get the word out on social media. When word gets to me, I can get it out on the radio. And then we can have several hundred concerned citizens show up and start asking questions about our second amendment rights.

Credit: Althom
Credit: Althom

Even if you aren't pro gun, I'm guessing that you are still pro freedom. And the government showing up unannounced and harassing a small business owner is not OK. Even though the business happens to sell firearms. If the business raided would have been a daycare or bakery, people would be much more upset.

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I've reached the age where I feel that it's time to start having my voice heard. And I'm in a unique position where I can help get the word out.

And as big as gun ownership is in this part of the world, I'm guessing that if somebody sounds the alarm, we can get quite a few folks to show up and help raise a stink. I don't know how many people we can get to show up, but I'd be willing to bet it's an awful lot.

From my cold, dead hands.

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