Our digital editor Rachel Helgeson came in today and asked me seriously what I do for fun. She asked me when the last time was that I just went out for a drink.

When my butthole friend Mark stopped laughing, he said the last time was in January on the Flakes trip. He was serious and so was I.

I told her when you do the things I do there really isn't a lot of extra time in the schedule for recreation.

Then I went on to explain what I do though, I think of it as a good time. How many times has she been able to get on a 4-wheeler and ride for hours checking waters and looking at God's green earth?

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I really do think my work is fun and I enjoy it as it brings me satisfaction, I like when you can see your efforts rewarded. I do like to come into town and eat dinner out or take a drive somewhere but for 10 months out of 12, you are pretty limited.

Paul Mushaben
Paul Mushaben

I would feel guilty anyway if I was out screwing around when there were things that needed to be done. Plus I will have more time for other things when we retire here but that won't be for another two years or so.

With my kids all living in faraway places, it's tough to get together with them too, which I also hope to do more of later. As for now though I'm still a pretty boring guy happy with the simple things.

If you love what you do you never work a day in your life. I love what I do.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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