Joe Biden has just approved a plan to put more wind turbines on the coast of Massachusetts. However, they will not be visible from Martha's Vineyard. They will move them further towards Cape Cod. Now let's see, who owns property near Martha's Vineyard? What a joke.

They want to ruin our landscape with wind turbines, destroy the view of the Snowies and other mountain ranges but protect the pretty people on the east coast. See folks, you people in Montana don't really matter much. Washington politicians don't care much about us or our way of life. We are just a bunch of gun-toting hicks that only have three electoral votes anyway. We're the bottom-dwellers out west, but we run the show now.

You can't possibly be as smart as we are in your bankrupt cities, on either coast. So just shut up and let us run things from here on out. And if we're lucky, maybe Jon Tester and the rest of them will flip us a bone once and a while. I still love Montana and always will.

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