Have you ever discussed with your loved ones your end-of-life options? I've told my kids to pull the plug and donate the organs if there are any good ones left after the accident.

Today in France they are opening up a new national debate to "broaden end-of-life options", possibly legalizing assisted suicide, according to the Associated Press. The debate will also include exploring the possibility of legalizing euthanasia.

Currently, doctors can keep patients sedated until they die but stops short of euthanasia. In places like the Netherlands and Spain, it's allowed. It's a tough issue to tackle.

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I can see it both ways, I'm always pro-life but putting an end to pain and suffering when there is no hope seems compassionate. We exercise it all the time with our pets and yet keep people alive by all means necessary even if they are in a comatose state.

I always think of my Grandmother who was in a home for 13 years, the bed sores and dementia combined with arthritis made it almost unbearable to watch her lay there.

Photo of nurse holding her woman patient's hands with painted nails

I understand that people would try to abuse the option but safeguards would have to be put in place to prevent that. I've always said that they use really good drugs on you when you are still paying full price.

Another problem is sometimes that individual is not in a state where they can make that decision for themselves so it's important to know their wishes. Funny how society doesn't have a problem with ending life at the start with 80 years of potential life ahead, but has a problem at the end with no hope in sight.

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