Searching for that perfect job has always been the norm. Almost from the beginning of time man has been on the search for that one work situation that would earn the most money and make them the most happy.

A lot of it, of course, depends on a person's personality, location and effort.

For instance, I knew from a very young age that I wanted to be one of those guys talking on the radio. I thought movie star or famous country singer would be nice, too, but at least I had a really general idea of where I wanted to end up in life. To be honest, I am glad I am where I am at because my memory isn't that great. Remembering movie lines or song lyrics wouldn't be that easy for me.

When it comes to the most common jobs in each state searched, our friends at Zippia have that covered.

They looked at Google trends and found the most interesting searches for jobs for each state in the country.

When it comes to Montana, national park worker is the most popular search.

If you're looking for strange, check these out:

In the scheme of job searches, I think Montana is doing just fine.

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