I love to shoot although I don't get much time to do it much anymore. Through the years I have the guns that I always seem to pick first for every need. My favorite all-time deer rifle is the 25-06. It's deadly and accurate and can be used on many different animals. It's one of the most reliable guns I shoot.

For long-range shooting in the varmint category, I have to go with my 220 Swift. At over 4200fps, it has the type of range you need for kills over 250 yards. I have a sheep-killing coyote in the basement that can attest to that.

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For things like prairie dogs and gophers, it's hard to beat my 17. It's probably the tightest group gun I have along with the swift. My kids and I practice with it by shooing golf balls and it's always dead on. My 17 super mag is good too, but it has a cheaper scope on it so it's not as consistent, but that's about to change. You can't expect your rifle to perform if you put the cheap glass on it. Like anything else, you really have to work with your guns to get them to shoot accurately.

Don't settle and say that's close enough or it won't be perfect. When it comes to home protection I have a dog that warns me in plenty of time about something going on so I always grab my 40 or the home protector shotgun with double00 buck in it, It works well for any occasion. Happy shooting.

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