The CDC came out with a big report today on the birth rate in the U.S. According to the article from the Associated Press, birth rates are down 4% compared to last year in all categories. The average birth rate is now "56 for every 1,000 women of child-bearing age." There was a bit of good news in the statistics, I think, because the article says, "The birth rate for 15– to 19-year-olds dropped 8% from 2019."

Now the CDC is concerned. The article states, "The current generation is getting further away from having enough children to replace itself." Well, a lot of that will be supplemented by people coming across the border. The fact remains that people just aren't having kids anymore. Frankly, there are some people who should not have them. Drug addicts should not be having kids for both medical and child safety reasons. People who have no way of supporting themselves, much less some kids, should not have them either. Many of you think this is pretty cold but if you can't give a child the time they need, the guidance and financial support, and love to raise them properly, it's not fair to the child.  However, for those that don't want kids because they want more time and freedoms for themselves, and recognize that, I appreciate that because kids aren't for everyone.

We do have a train wreck coming though, with all the increases in government spending. There is no way to support this fiscal irresponsibility. Think of what we are saddling the future generations with down the road. Fewer and fewer people can't pay the larger and larger bills. I'll never regret having four kids, even with the work and sacrifices that had to be made. In fact, now I wish we would have had more. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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