Most parents enjoy reliving bits of their childhood by watching their kids enjoying the same stuff they enjoyed as a kid. I took my kid out for some putt putt at the new Gyser Park location the other day and she was thrilled. This is one of the great things that I never understood until I had a child of my own.

My daughter is a pretty good mix of both of her parents. She enjoys shopping for clothes and "putting together outfits" (she didn't get that from me), but she also loves riding bikes, going to the park, playing horseshoes, putt putt golf...lots of the same stuff I loved as a kid.

Taking her places is never a chore for me. It gives me a reminder to enjoy life a little bit. It makes me think back to a time when I would tell my mom, "I'm going outside." No particular destination; outside was exciting enough.

I'm grateful to be a father. My daughter makes me a better person.

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