It was June 8th last year when my dad passed away. It's not really a sad day for me though, knowing how he lived his life and how he left this world. He was very fortunate and would have been the first to tell you that. In fact, last week would have been his 70th wedding anniversary, something else he was very proud of. I was telling Mark this morning that I can see myself becoming more and more of my dad. After he stopped laughing, he said, "Noooooo." It's true and I admit it.

Like my dad, I now find myself giving people more and more advice on things that they probably don't want to hear. I find myself becoming more and more proud of my kids each day, and I realize now how important a phone call can really be. I get more enjoyment now out of being able to buy people their dinner than I do eating it. I shake more hands than I used to and make it a point to remember their name. I find myself saving things that I probably will never use but you just can't throw away, in case you need it someday. There is no reason to go out and buy a bunch of new clothes when all of the older ones are still in really good shape.

My dad would put tape on his camera to hold the film in because it took really good pictures. I now have tape on my headphones. It's like the new Geico commercial where you are becoming your parent and don't even realize it.

When I think about it, even though it's happening, I will never be half the man my dad was. But I'll keep trying to be. God bless you Dad. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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