I had a chance over the weekend to look at a couple more books offered by Billings school district two that your kids use.

I wonder sometimes if I'm really doing any good looking at these at letting people know what I think. I really believe that every parent should choose what's best for their child. Some parents may not be as involved as others, and some just leave it up to the district's decision-makers.

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The one book that I looked at was an elective for High Schoolers called "Invitation to Psychology". I first checked out the author Dr. Carol Tavris to get some info on her background and knew right away which direction this book would take.

I would not recommend this for 17-year-olds because this is written for students far more advanced and with a college or higher-level approach. It's really heavy-duty and difficult reading.

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It deals a lot with gender issues, parenting, relationships, etc. They advise people, for example, not to announce to their parents if it's a boy or a girl. Just announce that you had a BABY.

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The sex anatomically may be male or female but the gender will be decided later and sometimes parents have too big of an influence on that decision. Things like giving your son a truck to play with when he may choose a doll instead.

They also talk about disciplining your child and how parents use their size and stature to bully their kids into following the rules. Some of you may like this course direction, some may not. That's up to you, but things are confusing enough for young teenagers without adding this to the mix.

Just my take.

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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