I know I've been talking about it for some time but I finally entered into a new relationship over the weekend.

I had to get my dog his shots on Friday and while I was at the vet's office she caught my eye. I thought, How do I approach her without being too forward? Her looks, obviously like any relationship, were the first thing to get my attention. Would she like the life that I live and the long hours; it's always a problem.

How do I start the conversation? The fact that I already have someone else in the house could also be a conflict. I thought Just let it happen and it will take care of itself...

And it did.

Sophie is now my new partner. A two-year-old chocolate lab mix who was abandoned and is full of love. Folks, people that abuse their animals or dump their dogs are the lowest of the low. I have had two of these animals now and they seem to make the best companions.

Credit: Paul Mushaben
Credit: Paul Mushaben

Some of you long-time listeners may recall my dog, Zeke. I found him dumped on the road out my way and he was the best. A beautiful Golden Retriever that was the heart of the family.

Although I've only had Sophie for a few days, the DNA is all there. A dog full of love and so loves life and will show it to anyone. These dogs really do make the best companions. The best part is she's about two or three and so no chewing or diapers. Something else I've also had my share of...

See ya tomorrow at 5 a.m.

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