This week in Farmer Finisher's it hard to pick a place to start. It was a big week for us as we celebrated our 35th anniversary here at the Cat.

With all the advances in technology over the years it is good to know that the most valuable piece of equipment we have is still the microphone. And we really used it to our advantage this morning.

After playing The History Of The Star Spangled Banner, I talked at length about the condition and direction of America. I think you would really like that podcast. Listen over the weekend and let me know what you think.

With technology, people can now listen all over the world. We wanted to know if we were heard in all 50 states this week. We heard from every state except Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, Massachusetts, Georgia, Arkansas, West Virginia, Nevada, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Not bad for the week.  Also heard from people in England, Germany, Denmark, Belize, and New Zealand.

You folks sent the most heartfelt messages of appreciation to us as well and it means more than you know. We apologize for not being able to do something for you special on this big anniversary. We honestly tried over the past year but got nowhere. The celebration was more about you, the listener and supporter, over the years.

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Maybe in a couple of years we can plan a big retirement bash, one that everyone will have a chance to come to. Who knows, we may even get some recognition from our own corporate leaders too. Thanks to all of you in our radio family, you're the best...

See ya Monday at 5 a.m.

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