We want choices.

Give me all the reasons why people shouldn't be able to choose where their kids go to school. We had an early discussion this morning about that very topic. Pick a school best suited for your child and the money follows.

Money breakdown.

The cost of private education is cheaper and better. For instance, the cost of tuition for a high school student at Central High School is around $9,200 a year now. The average spending for state reimbursement to a public high school in Montana is well over $10,000 per student.

We can choose everything else.

People have the choice of what doctor they want to see. They can choose what state park to visit. Where they want to live, and where they want to work, but the unions decide what school your child will go to to keep their people employed with no accountability based on performance.

The point.

Some will say: then all the parents will want to send their kids to good schools. Hello, that's the point, looking out for the best interest of the child not the number of people we can keep employed by spreading out the base.

Who was in charge of deciding how many upper management and administrators we should have? We didn't get to decide and yet we pay the bills.

Private schools don't have nearly the administration overhead that public schools require. And for what reason? If you require an assistant to your position like assistant principal then maybe we need to find someone who doesn't, and pay them 20 percent more. The taxpayer and the principal would both be much happier.

See ya tomorrow at 5.

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