So this is the picture I received a little while ago.

Apparently my boys are getting so involved with fishing that they have taken to the front yard to practice their casting skills. Problem? Not at all!

My parents taught me from a young age that if you want to do something well then you have to keep practicing at it and never give up.

I am thrilled to see that my kids are picking up on that too.

After we didn't catch anything on the Yellowstone River this morning, I could see they were a little disappointed with the outcome. I told them that some days end up like that and not to worry about it. From what I can see in this picture they haven't let it get them down.

That makes me a very happy papa.

Nothing ever really comes easy. We live in a world of convenience and the "I have to have it right now and not work for it" attitudes. Those are the attitudes that will be full of disappointment.

Work hard and you can accomplish anything. Keep your eye on the prize and shoot for the stars. Remember that failure is part of the learning process.

Keep up the good work boys. Your papa is proud and loves ya.