The people that I know who work in the bar business tell me that Bud Light sales are down by quite a bit. The whole thing doesn't affect me because I'm not a Bud Light drinker.

But it got me to thinking about places where people don't do business or buy that company's political policies.

For me, I could think of one place. And it was a restaurant that was owned by somebody that I didn't care for. So, I didn't eat there. I didn't protest them. I didn't bad mouth them. I just ate at other places. And there are a lot of places to eat in our town.

Credit: Antonio_Diaz
Credit: Antonio_Diaz

I'm more likely not to return a business due to a bad customer service experience. One that comes to mind is when some friends and I had dinner at a local restaurant. I was suspicious early on when it took twenty-eight minutes for us to get our menus. And that would lead to a total dining time of three and a half hours.

I talked about it on the air (because my lawyer told me that I can say anything that I want if it was true). And the restaurant manager (at the time) reached out and asked if we'd give them another chance. And he was really nice about it. I told him that we really appreciated that. But my girlfriend at the time wasn't always the most reasonable. And if we went back and the tiniest thing went wrong, there would be hell to pay.

And this went down before Covid happened. And I know that staffing was a problem. But I still never went back.

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