Not to point out the obvious, but damn there's a lot of snow this year.  If you think Billings has a lot of snow, you should head to my old stomping grounds on the Hi-Line to Havre and check it out.

Some of my family still lives there and when I talked to my Mom the other day, she said that there is so much snow that you can't even see some of the windshields on cars that have been parked for a long time and the snow if up past the deck on her house.

I talked with Roger Martin, a Meteorologist at the National Weather Service in Great Falls and got the latest snow total numbers for Havre from him this morning.

As of yesterday (February 19, 2018) the current seasonal total to date is 78.3 inches.

This beats the record on file of 66.7 inches from the winter of 1977-1978.  Havre has already gotten 11.6 inches more snow to date than the record.

Roger told me that in February alone, Havre has gotten 31.8 inches of snow, and the month isn't even over yet.

The NWS keeps snow total records between July of one year through June of the next year.

So putting it into perspective, with the rest of February, all of March and April left this winter, Havre could see over 80 inches of snow.

I need to give pic creds to my Sister In-law Michelle Gallagher, she has affectionately re-named Havre to Havberia (just south of Siberia)


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