Over the weekend I was catching up on some of the stuff that comes with turning the cows out for the summer like putting out mineral feeders, checking water tank levels etc. I stopped and took a look at my old horse barn in this picture and thought, "What a cool house this barn would make."

This thing is huge and stout. It's on a good spot too, with power close by. If you watch the Home and Garden Network you see people turning barns into homes all the time. Imagine huge windows in front with a great loft, fireplace etc. So, does anyone have any idea what something like that would cost? I don't even know if there are people in our area that do things like that.

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I'm guessing with everything needed--kitchen, bathrooms, electrical, plumbing, and AC is a must, plus exterior and interior work-- I'd be looking at least $300,000 - 400,000. Fortunately, not much lumber would be needed except for some interior walls. I guess I could make this a 'someday project' for after work, but by the time I'd get that done, I'd be long gone. I could have a huge dance upstairs in this thing it's so big, almost 100 feet long. Those old boys in those days really knew how to build things. The beams and wood in that thing are there to last. I sure would hate to tear it down, but I need to do something with it before it gets to the point that it can't be saved. Justifying the cost though, that's the question. See you tomorrow at 5.

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