If I lived in Lockwood, I'd be at the big meeting on Wednesday night. So, if you live there, you should attend.

We got a call this morning alerting us about the regular monthly meeting of the Lockwood Water and Sewer District.

They are expecting to have a lot of people in attendance for the discussion about putting in sewer in Lockwood, so this meeting will be held in the Lockwood High School Community Room.

Credit: Lockwood High School
Credit: Lockwood High School

The concern for most is what the expense will be. And according to our caller, it's going to be quite expensive.

One of the ironic things about Lockwood is that a lot of folks who move out there do so because it's generally cheaper to live out there than it is in many parts of Billings.

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If the project is approved and they put sewer in, the homeowners will have it added to their property taxes, just like when voters pass a levy.

I googled the agenda for the meeting to get some information. Public comment is one of the first things they schedule, but it's only for things that are "not on the agenda".

On the agenda specifically:


• Presentation on the Phase III Sewer Project
- History of the LWSD sewer projects

- Phase III Sewer Project funding and costs
- Assessment process, timeline and protest process
- Questions

Even if you are just renting in Lockwood, you might want to attend. If a landlord's expenses go up significantly, that will at some point affect the renter.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. this Wednesday. I can't wait to hear how the discussion turns out.

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