As we get closer to the holidays we are starting to hear about the shipping backlogs. The United States post office announced that if you want your package to arrive by Christmas you must send it by December the 15th. They also announced that they are going to need an additional one hundred thousand workers for the holidays.

If you plan on using UPS they are recommending that you ship by December the 21st. that gives you a little extra time. They also are looking for help. UPS in Chicago needs 5000 additional workers just in their city. If you plan on sending by Fed X ground shipping it should be in place by December the 15th also. as also announced that they need an additional 90,000 workers just for the holidays.

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No matter how you look at it it's going to be a problem sending packages. I think one of the best things you could do is send the gift card or the money and let the person pick it up at the store. Speaking of waiting for delivery you may even have to wait longer now for a pizza. Dominos also announced that they are short at least 15,000 workers and they don't know where to go to find them. As America's shopping habits change so does the demand for more delivery, so this will become an everyday thing from this point on. I can handle cards and  I don't know anyone who is ever disappointed when they get money in the mail. Have a great weekend.

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