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Happy Birthday To A Mom Of Many
As an only child, I am technically the only person that can call Shirley my mother. But having taught grade school for more than 40 years, giving nearly all of her free time to charity, and being the oldest of 17 siblings, there are way more people who call her "mom" than I'll ever kn…
How Will The Flakes Know When To Retire? (WATCH)
It takes approximately 35 seconds to ride down the DoubleTree Hotel elevator from the 23rd to the 1st floor. While that doesn't seem like much time for anything intriguing to happen, you obviously haven't watched Mark and Paul answer listener questions in this weeks episode of 23 Floors wi…
Where Did My Coffee Go?
Guests, workers, and those craving caffeine in and around the downtown Billings DoubleTree Hotel, were greeted with a notice that Starbucks coffee is "closed" for an upcoming renovation.
We're Giving You A Big Basket Of Boom!
Add a little BOOM to your 4th of July weekend with a $100 gift certificate from Patriot Discount Fireworks. Spinners, bottle rockets, fountains, sparklers...pick whatever you want and add some BANG to your backyard celebration!