Someone in my office doesn't exactly have a green thumb and for once it's not me. I will admit that I have never been one that was very successful at growing plants or keeping them alive if I get them as gifts, etc. I have however had a Creeping Charlie plant, his name (yes it's a him) is Charles Emerson Winchester III, and I have had him since I graduated high school in 1983. I have clipped him back and transplanted him on several occasions and surprisingly he's survived. I also have a plant that was given to me by Curt, Roger & Rich from Tiny's Tavern when my dad passed away four and a half years ago.  I named him Lawrence (my dad's middle name). He is a hearty plant as I'm guessing that is the only reason he's still growing and thriving.

When I was on vacation, my co-worker Mya Lewis (well to be completely accurate Mya Perrow-Donovan Lewis)  decided she would grow a chia pet, or in this case, a chia head, which just happens to be Sophie from the "Golden Girls" (played by Estelle Getty, whose real name was Estelle Gettleman).  For those of you who don't remember the "Golden Girls," it was a late '80s early '90s sitcom on NBC.

Needless to say, it's not going so well. She's tried everything to make the rest of the seeds on it grow. Keeping it watered, turning it so that it gets sun on all sides, even putting a damp paper towel over the side that isn't growing to hopefully keep the seeds moist so they will germinate and at least grow something. No luck. Poor Sophia, she looks so pitiful. Now it wouldn't be so bad if in real life Estelle Getty had had thinning hair, but she didn't. We've discussed just letting nature takes its course and see what happens or just putting poor Sophia out of her (and our) misery and just do a file 13 (which, by the way, means toss it in the trash). What are your thoughts? Do we hope for the best or call it quits? Any ideas on how to make the rest of her head grow?

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