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  • It was an honor to meet Senator Ted Cruz of Texas Thursday when he came on our show to campaign for Montana's Senator Steve Daines. Keep an eye on Senator Cruz. He could be president someday.
  • We have heard about ladies getting their wallets and purses stolen out of their shopping carts at several spots around town. Apparently, two lowlifes work in tandem. One distracts the lady, the other makes the grab while she's distracted. I hope you get caught red-handed.
  • We learned this week that Facebook and Twitter can take down political items that they might not agree with.
  • And I've written about this before "If there's anything that I can do for you, just let me know." I had said that people shouldn't wait to do something. Do something before they ask. Mow their yard, plow their driveway, make them a pan of lasagna, or something. It's not just the chore getting done, it's about those who are grieving taking some comfort knowing that you care about them.
  • So if you'd like to do something for some families who are hurting, support the procession tonight, but give space to the emergency vehicles. It will be in honor of the two tow truck drivers that were killed earlier this week. 37-year-old Nicholas Ryan Visser and 28-year-old William Casie Allen were tragically killed while trying to clean up an accident. They were killed by a driver who didn't "slow down, move over." There a couple of Go Fund Me pages on Facebook raising money for their families. For Nick Visser click here. For Casie Allen click here.

There's something you could do.

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