Where Do You Set Your Thermostat?
According to a Consumer Reports study, you can save about 3 percent on your electric bill for every degree you raise the thermostat setting. So theoretically you would save about 30 percent if you raise the temp from 72 to 82 degrees.
8 of Billings' Favorite Frozen Treats
In the first years of my life, I had a dairy allergy. Even having a teaspoon of milk would give me a three day ear infection. So I had my bowl of Cheerios with soy milk, and orange sherbet was the only option when the family stopped at an ice cream parlor.
Never Too Cold For Shorts
Montanans defy the cold weather and wear shorts when they want. What does the temperature have to drop below before you will give up your summer weather gear
Hot vs Cold
Some people can take the heat better than the cold.  For me it's easier to work when it's 100 degrees rather than 25 below.  Either way, it's not real comfortable but we survive.
It's always 70 degrees in San Diego, but they have other problems we don't...
Arctic Air Moves East
The Canadian Arctic cold front that dominated much of Montana will move east today. Temperatures will remain very cold across the region. Temperatures will be warmer on Wednesday. By Thursday, most daytime highs should reach the 30's and 40's...

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