I haven't had a cold in almost a year and I thought I had dodged the coughing, sniffles and headaches associated with the common cold. I started coming down with it on Saturday and have been rubbing my nose raw with paper towels every since. It's all I can do to keep from falling asleep at my desk. I keep sneezing which obviously loosens up the mucus and forces me to keep blowing my nose. I'm miserable.

Scientists have figured out how to split an atom, map the human genome and get us to the moon but still can't cure the common cold. Is anybody actually working on this because while you constantly hear about cancer research, AIDS research and Alzheimer's research when was the last time you heard of common cold research grants. Probably never. Imagine all the money our economy would save if workers didn't get colds or have to stay home with their sick kids. It just can't be that hard.

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