Each Friday I try to give you a little taste of some of the past week's topics. So, this week we covered the following:

  • We received a wonderful letter from "Tanna The Teacher." Thank you.
  • Paul's red bulls don't actually have wings. Good to know.
  • A guy who held a sign on College Game Day asking for money for beer on Venmo has raised $50,000 which he is donating to the Iowa Children's Hospital. Carson King gets a "thumbs up."
  • I learned what a Nibbler is.
  • Thanks to the crew at Texas Roadhouse for making us feel at home during our Flakes Trip event. If you eat there, tell Trace hello.
  • The Doors song, "Touch me" was originally called "Hit Me." That dang Paul and his music trivia.
  • I receive Chiropractic Monthly Magazine. If you need to borrow one, I have back issues.

And a shout out/get well to our engineer, Dick Jones, who suffered a heart attack this week. Get better soon.

Have a great weekend.


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