Of all the duties dads pull when their daughters are young, “concert chaperone” has to be one of the most thankless tasks on the list.

But cheer up, Pops: Your ears might be ringing and your wallet might be light, but Taylor Swift sees you in the crowd, and she appreciates what you do.

Swift came up with an impromptu serenade to fatherly concertgoers during her recent appearance on the Australian talk show ‘Hamish and Andy,’ titled — appropriately enough — ‘Chaperone Dad.’ She started off talking about seeing her young fans’ older escorts in the crowd, saying, “Their daughters have held up the glittery signs for the first half of the show, but then they’re like, ‘Dad, hold this!’ And then they’ve got glitter all over their khaki pants and plaid shirts. But they’re doing the right thing!”

The conversation gave way to an in-studio jam, with Swift singing dads’ praises with lines like:

“You just got off of work, the last thing you wanna do is / Wanna do is go and listen to me talk about some break-up / Chaperone dads / You’re doing the right thing / Chaperone dads.”


“Remember when the tickets went on sale / Your daughter’s 14th birthday and you got her two tickets / And she said, ‘Can I have some more because my friends and I all wanna go and dad you don’t have to go but you know you’ve got to go as / Chaperone dad.’”

The song might be a little rough around the edges, but who knows? A little work, and Swift could have herself a ready-made hit for her next album.

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