The door is always open. This week in Farmer Finishers, we have the opportunity to go over the list of guests who dropped by. We had one of the candidates for governor, Tanner Smith, stop by for an enlightening visit to tell voters why he wants to be Montana's next governor. I think that was an eye-opener for people who didn't know him. You know now. Elsie Arntzen stopped by too, as she is trying to be the first woman sent to Congress from Montana. That's a crowded field if you have had time to look at your ballot. There are nine candidates on the Republican side, and most are good picks.

This morning, Tim Sheehy stopped by as he is in Billings this weekend supporting Special Olympics. You won't find a higher-quality individual out there. From his service to the country to his entrepreneurial adventures and his philanthropic work, there isn't a better-quality individual more suited to be Montana's next senator.

Plus, the door is open for Jon Tester to come in and answer the questions that people have about his record. These candidates should be coming into these areas where they do not have the support. That's where these elections are won and lost. You have to change the minds of skeptical voters, not the torchbearers. Even the gal who hates people who move here, start a family and a business, and make a life here, is welcome to come in any time. She would really hate me.

Have a great weekend, and we'll see you here Monday at 5.

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