This morning we had a conversation about going viral. Hell, a few years ago I didn't even know what going viral was. Anyway, we saw the pictures of the hailstones down by Wibaux that measured 2.77 inches in diameter. Interesting to see, whereas before, the only way you would have seen them was if they would have been sent to your local news station. People are really quick on the trigger now putting anything and everything online for people to see. I admit, I've done it myself, although, I had no intention of it going viral. I remember I put a picture of a Buzzworm on my blog post and the Director of ZooMontana had a fit that I killed it. Didn't care. I had four kids that walked in that door every day, so I didn't give a rat's what he thought.

Sometimes the dumbest things can spread like wildfire, including fires, which also seem to go viral this time of year. People will put the most embarrassing things on social media and never give it a second thought, and then after the backlash, wonder why they did it in the first place.

I hope and wish though, that people would not use their children as a prop for hits or just to become famous. Injuries or gross things that happen to your body--that's another one I don't understand why people would want to see it. But if it makes you or it popular, I guess, put it on there and see what happens. Sharing great photos with family and friends is one thing, but just to see if it's crazy enough to go VIRAL is another. See ya tomorrow at 5.

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