If you've been reading my blog then you know I've been on a workout routine for the last month and a half now. When I started I was 242 lbs. and now I'm 225. Problem is that it seems like I've been at 225 lbs. for the past week. It's weird because whenever I've started a workout routine I always lose weight in clusters. Sometimes I the needle on my scale will barely move for 2 weeks and then the next morning I'll be 4 lbs. lighter. I'm not sure how or why that happens... other than dehydration maybe?

I've read and heard that your body adjusts to the same routine thus making it less effective and that you should constantly switch up your approach. To that end I bought a copy of Men's Health magazine and found this insert called "The Spartacus Workout". Despite about 5 and a half weeks of working out what I thought were all of my muscles the Spartacus kicked my butt. It turns out I have muscles where I didn't know I had muscles that I hadn't worked out at all... and they are all sore 2 days later. I feel like I've been violated by a prison gang. Just to be able to do my daily cardio I've been taking 3 Advil just so I can bend my knees to get in my car. Ouch. Hopefully the soreness goes away within a couple of more days because I think I'm really going to benefit from this routine which is actually pretty easy to execute and only takes about half an hour (but it feels like 3).

Full disclosure: That is not me in the picture above... as if you couldn't have guessed. Lol.