• Yes, I am aware that my iCloud storage is now and has been full for two years. But I don't know how to shut the reminder off on my phone.
  • I'm glad that country radio gave Morgan Wallen a second chance. I have never understood why country radio stopped playing Taylor Swift songs. She's a "muti-demographic" artist. So, I've been throwing a couple of her songs on every so often.
  • Had a great question from a listener this week concerning the bonus given to those on unemployment. What do those of us who never stopped working get? Good question.
  • We're still trying to get commitment from twenty-five dog house builders so that we can do the raffle, banquet, and benefit for the Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter. If you are willing to build one, please let us know.
  • If I ever write my autobiography, Paul thinks that I should call it "How Not To." I like it.
  • I took three weeks off from playing golf due to golfer's elbow. It's a real ailment. It's quite painful. Also, you don't get much sympathy when you hurt yourself by playing too much golf.
  • So, in addition to not playing, stretching the muscle multiple times each day, and taking Advil like it was Pez candy, I went and got treatment. It's called Pulse Electromagnetic Field or PEMF. And it is awesome.
  • Jody Alexander of "Live Better, Feel Better" in Billings had me come in for three treatments. Each one takes an hour. But it sure did the trick for my elbow. I'm 95% better than I was three weeks ago. I would highly recommend her if you've got what I had.
  • Back to golf, I had three birdies in a six-hole stretch this week Three birdies in one round is a personal best for me on "non-mini golf" courses. I know. My buddies couldn't believe it either.
  • I will not end this with a "hey, it's dry out there" fireworks speech. Because you already know.

Be safe. Have a great weekend celebrating America's freedom.

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