A trashy subject.

Today's article should rile up the guy who accused me of being against everything.  We were contacted by a lady who is leading the charge to make sure that they don't get a new dump out in the Shepherd area. If you want to follow the happenings, you can join their Facebook group ."Citizens Against Pacific Steel's Hazardous Waste Landfill In Shepherd".

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We talked about it on the air this morning. The group wants people to contact the DEQ and comment against it and we had to laugh. Without seeing a single comment, I would be willing to bet that nobody who owns property near the sight, lives close to it, or drives that highway on a regular basis wants a dump. Call it a hunch.

Many traffic concerns.

I don't live close or have to drive that road, so I don't have a dog in this fight. But it would seem to me that traffic should be addressed. If you drive that road, you know that sight distance is pretty limited right there. From what I've read, there are plans to add turning lanes or flashing lights. This information coming the week that we had to lower speed limits and add stop signs at two intersections on the west end of town.

Adding a landfill out there is going to affect real estate. At some point, Billings is going to start growing north and people are not going to build a nice house close to a dump.

Make good choices.

I really hope, for the sake of the folks who live out there, that this doesn't get done. I know that I, like most people, don't want a landfill anywhere near my house.

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