When was Jon Tester neutered? Our country is hurting, reeling medically and economically, and Jon Tester got the call from Chuck not to support the USA rescue bill, TWICE. Let's see, what do they want in it? Well, how about tougher emission standards for airplanes, more diversity on corporate boards, tax credits for windmills, more collective bargaining power for unions. These political terrorists are holding America hostage trying to promote their agenda. In the meantime, people are dying and losing their fortunes. America, never forget these people.

Now they want two Chuck Schumers from Montana? Mr.President, don't prolong this shut-down of America too much longer. Turn us lose so we can all recover. America and the world have now been educated. We know what and what not to do. Individuals need now to assume responsibility for their health. You make your decision on how you want to move forward, and what risks YOU want to take. Stay home and isolate if you want. It's YOUR choice, but please turn America loose. This bit of socialism we are experiencing is leaving a bad taste in my mouth and is a bigger threat to our existence than the virus.

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