Making It (Prepaid) Rain

Gift cards. I own a whole bunch of them. Because I have reached the point in life where I am apparently "hard to buy for" on my birthday or at Christmas. Let's get Uncle Mark a gift card to Rib & Chop/Cabelas/Rio Sabinas... or golf balls.

Then I also get a lot of gift cards from random friends from work. I've got several years' worth of them from The Burger Dive and the 406 Taproom because they supported the Yellowstone County Spelling Bee for many years that Paul & I emceed the event.

I even keep them in my pickup. And I still can't seem to remember that they are in there. Combined with letting my daughter pick where she wants to have dinner when we go out to eat together.

Wilson's Gift Card Lotto

What I need to do is just randomly draw a gift card before I leave the house, and whichever card I pull out, that's where dinner is going to be that night.

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Most of the gift cards are plastic now. Which is good. I don't seem to lose those quite as easily as I did when gift certificates were on paper.

And according to my always reliable Google search, most Americans have an average of $175.00 in unused gift cards. Go ahead and use yours up. I can tell you without looking, that I have considerably more than that. The survey also said that 47% of us have at least one unused gift card.

Keep in mind, the longer that we keep them, the less valuable they become.

So, this week, I'm kicking off gift card dining week.

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