I want to say as casually as possible that I was invited to dinner at the governor's mansion with the Gianfortes. And of course, I went.

The invitation was actually extended to both Paul and me along with Aaron Flint from our sister station, KBUL. We were joined by fellow broadcasters from both Great Falls and Helena.

It was billed as a "casual get-together" which is exactly what it turned out to be. We said a prayer before the meal then went around the table and introduced ourselves. What city you work in, how long, favorite Montana memories, etc.

A moment that stood out for me was when Troy Mellinger, of Great Falls, talked about my dad being included in the Montana Broadcasters Hall Of Fame a few years ago. Troy had actually worked with the old man for a few years back in the early '80s. And then I got to brag on dad a little bit.

Something that I didn't really give too much thought to before the event was security. I was asked to give the name of my date before the event. Then we arrived for dinner and there were two large armed gentlemen with earpieces greeting everybody at the door. There is apparently always a Montana Highway Patrol car parked in front of the governor's mansion. So, I'm assuming they ran some sort of check on my date (who thankfully got out early for good behavior). It made me wonder what other security measures were in place that we had no idea about.

Dinner was on time and delicious and as we were leaving, I asked someone standing there to take a picture of us with the Gianfortes. But the governor grabbed my phone and said "Selfie time!"

Thanks for dinner.

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