When I was growing up, my family moved a lot. But, we never actually left town. We just lived all over it. And while talking to some friends over the weekend, we all counted how many spots we've called home.

There were a couple of reasons why we moved so much. Jobs came and went for both of my parents. Then they had a couple of kids. Then they got divorced and I lived with both of them at one point.

In my hometown of Great Falls, I called at least sixteen different addresses 'home'. But honestly, that number could be higher. I'm waiting to hear back from my mom about where we lived when I was born.

Since then I've lived in 21 spots. I've lived with friends. I stayed at a buddy's place until I could find work. I've had roommates. I lived in mobile homes, apartments, and owned houses. Including the one that I own now that I've lived in for eighteen years.

So my tally is (at least) 37 places.

No wonder I hate moving so badly.

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Then I think about how many times I've been the main mover for my friends through the years. I should qualify to own a couple of U-Haul trucks myself.

And years ago, we could move everything I owned in two to three trips from the old place to the new one. Laundry was two loads a month. One load was colors. The other was everything else.

Moving myself and all that heavy stuff I've accumulated through the years will not happen again. Yes, I'm officially announcing my retirement from the moving industry.

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