Have you ever been racking your brain and wondering what you're going to make for dinner?  You're tired of the same old thing and want to mix things up a little bit. One of my favorite meals for dinner is breakfast. I love me some pancakes or waffles with peanut butter and honey, bacon and eggs for dinner. The other night Brett (he's the husband - incase you didn't know) remembered that we had a turkey in the freezer and decide what the heck, we'll make a turkey. Then that idea evolved into a full blown meal that one might normally serve on Thanksgiving. The Gallagher - Mcrummen household has been trying to do more family dinners with the kids, especially now that the boy doesn't live with us anymore and recently got married (by the way our new daughter in-law is a wonderful young women) The hubby decided to make the turkey for dinner, and of course when you have turkey, you must have stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, and one of my favorites and a staple for the holidays in my house green bean casserole.  And to top it off, a lovely Dutch apple pie, yum.

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It's been brought to my attention that not everyone knows how to cook a turkey. My favorite way to make the turkey is first slathering it with mayonnaise, yes mayonnaise and a little salt and pepper along with some aromatics (basically parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme.) Cook according to directions on the bird, I prefer to slow cook it longer then it actually says and I always cook it with a lid or tin foil over it until about 30 minutes before it's done, then I take the covering off and let it finish off so that it gets golden brown and crisps up the skin a bit. When we were growing up and my mom would make turkey, we would stuff the cavity with homemade stuffing (boy I miss those days) and cook it all together. I'm sure that most people have a special recipe that perhaps has been passed down from generation to generation, do you have a special way you like to cook a turkey and what do you like to serve with it?


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