One of the most coveted things you can have in Montana is a unique brand. If you have applied for one recently, it's getting tougher and tougher. Some people who don't even own any cattle are buying up brands. It just looks good, or it's the mystique of owning your own brand.

I did a quick search to see if there were any Lazy KT brands around and there are plenty. Now that the motel is closing, it would be great if you really had the Lazy KT ranch to own the sign. Many ranches out there have great ranch signs and this one would be one of a kind. It has a horse and neon lights, what more could you want?

In its day, hundreds of cowboys use to stay there. Now, the motel is riding off into the sunset for the last time. If you do want to apply for a brand it will cost you $200. As I was searching, I was looking for one in particular that I have wanted, so I called the brand office in Helena. They won't tell you though if the brand is available. You have to apply for that brand, pay $200 dollars, then if that brand is not available, they will send you $100 back. A quick search of their internet database will cost you $100. Call the state to see if you're current on your taxes and that's free. I get it, everybody's broke and needs to fund their respective agencies. I guess it bothers me because we have to pay a cattle tax every year on our cattle and that goes to the Montana Department of Livestock. Anyway, Happy Trails to the Lazy KT.

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