I've been trying to explain to people why people who farm and ranch have such a passion for their business. Well, it's the same for anyone who has started a Billings homegrown business. Those business owners felt the same thing during the pandemic, fighting with everything they had to keep something they loved so much up and running

In a song from Alabama, "Forty Hour Week," there's a line that goes,

There are people in this country

who work hard everyday,

But not for fame or fortune do they strive

But the fruits of their labor

are worth more than their pay

and it's time a few of those are recognized - Alabama

Well, it's time I think that we start recognizing the great homegrown businesses of our area and make sure they know we care. Like farmers and ranchers, they put their heart and soul into it each day. Long hours and a passion that you won't see in a nationally-backed business that if one store is not doing well the others can help keep it up and running. Something like a pandemic or a drought can ruin it and ruin the spirit of the owner.

But we are resilient out here. We'll make it, but let's do all we can to support local. Great restaurants, retail, auto centers, .electricians, and plumbers the list goes on and on. I know I'm trying to do a better job of helping out our locals. Sometimes it's tough. We all like to save money, but saving our way of life here matters too.

If you are a proud Montana business owner put your business name under our comments here and maybe someone new will learn about you and what you offer. It wouldn't hurt.

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