I'm seeing a lot of posts about restaurants and other businesses that have come and gone. Places like the Cattle Company, The Kit Kat, The Billings Club, and so on.

And then I see people who want one of the national franchises like TGI Fridays, Church's Chicken, and so on.

So I have come up with my very own, utopian town complete with all the right places to eat. Welcome to Mark Wilson's Billings Heights.

The first thing we're doing in my town is seceding from Billings. The Heights will now be its own city, complete with a "Welcome To The Heights" sign. And we will have to get our own slogan. Something like, "We use our turn signals out here".

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The first order of business is getting Heights locations for some of the restaurants that we have in town that I actually like. We will have Heights locations for The Rib & Chop House, Taco Treat, Rio Sabinas, and Pickle Barrel.

And speaking of Pickle Barrel, we're gonna put all the sandwich joints in one building. A "sub center" if you will. So you just pull up to one spot and you get to choose between Pickle Barrel, Subway, Jersey Mikes, Firehouse, TOPZ, and Lisa's Sandwich Den. One-stop sub shopping. The parking lot would be huge.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

The first national franchise that I'm chasing is Top Golf. Food, drinks, and golf. Who doesn't love that?

And as long as we're dreaming big we're getting us a Hooters. (The wings really are good there)

We're also putting in a Moe's Seafood and Chowder.

We of course need to put in some infrastructure. We'll soon have a bridge out of the Heights over to Lockwood. We will also have a ramp built that goes from the upper level of the parking lot at Metra. And we would finish the bypass that we've started that is supposed to come out on Highway 3 at the top of Zimmerman Trail.

Credit: Google Maps
Credit: Google Maps

Other than building a public golf course and drive-in theatre, I think that Mark Wilson's Heights is going to be a great community to live in.

Did I miss anything?

The Imaginary Twitter Feed for Mark Wilson. Yes, It Is About Beer.

If Mark had a Twitter account, he might tweet about music, and probably about golf, but most definitely, he'd tweet about beer.

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