It saddens me to see that there are so many people in this world, and sadly plenty right here in Billings, that feel it's alright to steal from other people. This month has not started off financially well at all for many innocent people. According to the Billings Police Department Facebook page, they have received about forty-five Fraud reports since July 1st.  They said that they believe that someone is using a credit card skimmer to clone card info and pin numbers. With this device, they can steal the information, even though all of the victims were still in possession of their cards. On a positive note, as of tonight, the Billings Police Department says that they have identified at least three persons of interest from Florida in connection with the fraud. It seems as though the persons from Florida enlisted the services of local residents to withdraw the funds. Though no arrests have been made, the Police Department says that they feel that the activity has been disrupted.  The BPD said that they will likely identify others involved.  They also declined to specify the amounts of the withdraws as the investigation is ongoing.


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