I guess you could call it a pet peeve too because this really drives me crazy.

I am extremely picky about being clean and having things clean. When my kids spill crumbs in my truck it is an immediate trip to the vacuum to get them out. For whatever reason I just can't stand it.

Another thing that gets me is when the control board in the studio gets dirty. It is bound to happen but it sends me up the wall. I literally scrub this thing once a week if not more. In fact I get made fun of by some of the office workers here because I am so particular about it.

It's a place where I have to touch everywhere for 5 hours a day and I for one do not want to get sick with a cold or whatever. Anything can happen and I eat with these hands.

The thing that confuses me the most is how it can get so dirty so quick. We're obviously not playing in the dirt while on air so how is it that I can get a rag full of blackness off of a white control board every single time I clean it? It's weird.

What are you picky about? Tell me about it at 406-248-5665.


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