Sunrise with my hours means that it's never going to be very light out on my drive to work. This morning I was admiring another great sunrise at the end of my street, so I stopped and took a picture.

Then it's about a 15-minute drive. I zone out a do a little thinking. And I'll go over all the thoughts that popped into my head this morning:

I need to buy a chainsaw.

I can't wait to talk about the Carnival Cruise brawl this morning.

Mom's, step moms, sister's, and Granny Wilson's birthdays are next month.

I wonder what time I should leave for the Red Lodge broadcast tomorrow? Wow, we've been doing promotions in Red Lodge since the 80s.

Oh there's another foundation they're pouring. That's two this week.

If I got out before noon, I could play 18 today.

I wonder what ever happened to my first roommate, Steve Bakken. He's not on Facebook.

Montana's cellular coverage is better than our news coverage. Reporters don't work overnights anymore.

Man, I hated working midnight to six when I started.

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I'm getting low on jerky.

If your car has fenders that are different colors than the rest of the car, you are shady and need not drive next to me.

Did I remember my wallet?

That guy leaves his Christmas lights up year-round.

My mind is a busy, busy place to be when I'm commuting.

Then as I get closer to our hotel my mind shifts to "where are the people that sleep in the flower beds going to be this morning?"

I really enjoy talking to myself. But it was a really nice sunrise.

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