For the most part, I have stay away from the crap that is now Facebook. It doesn't matter how long it's been since I've logged in, the story is always the same. Negative attitudes, finger pointing and crazy-ass thinking. It's like everyone has lost their minds and forgotten how to use common sense. From politics and the ugly things being said on both sides (and it will only get worse with the 2020 election coming up), to build the wall, don't build the wall, there's a crisis on the border, there's not a crisis, late-term abortion, it's fine, it's infanticide.  Who can keep up with it all?

Let's not forget all the crazy (and yes, many times whiny) reviews people are posting. It amazes me the things that people will comment on and what they say.  I just saw a review about a place raising the cost of their ice cream. You would have thought the world had come to an end. First, the review criticized the employee at the business, and then those that weighed in were just as judgmental. I get that there are customer service watchdog pages on Facebook and people can post their "opinions", but I wonder how many have truly tried to resolve the situation by using common sense and maybe, just maybe contacting management or the owner of the business instead of posting first.

Maybe I'm just old and don't get into the drama of the whole thing. What about you?  Do you go crazy and post before you think it through and try to resolve the situation in a common sense way?

Bottom line: for the love of God, show some respect.

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