What did Nancy Pelosi really tear up last night after the President's speech?

Let's start with the special gratitude for our military members who have served so bravely. She tore up the constitution that guarantees your right to practice your religion or your right to bear arms. She shredded the prison reform act and the prescription drug plan. She tore down the wall that is leading to fewer drugs and illegal entries into the country. She ripped apart all of your growth in your 401K  or retirement accounts. She destroyed the new Space Force, the program for technical training for high school graduates, The new federal family leave act and daycare help for single moms. She shredded the gains in wages and employment for all the minorities and women in this country. She ripped all of the gains we have made in energy independence. She brought back to life Soleimani and Baghdadi, the world's worst terrorists. She took away a scholarship for a girl who's been trying desperately to get into a better school. She also ripped up the newly signed China trade deal and the New USMCA agreement.

What she doesn't realize is that she also just ripped up any chance of American-hating Democrats of getting elected if they don't put America first. The people won't stand for it. God bless the USA,

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